Shopping in Piccadilly, London – Regent St. (Piccadilly Circus) to Sackville St.

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Shops/places of interest between Regent St. (Piccadilly Circus) and Sackville St.-
Zavvi  – Music (in CD, CS, DVD formats), DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, games, books (audio book, video book, hard and paper backs). Address : No. 1 Piccadilly, on the corner of Piccadilly and Regent St. and Piccadilly Circus. Has direct access from the Piccadilly Circus station.
 After Zavvi, on this stretch are Starbucks (loads of coffee!) and a Foreign exchange facility. Then across Air St. is J.C. Cording & Co.
A map of the area is given below. The map is not to scale. It merely shows which store comes after which one, in the area. Please click on the maps to enlarge.
Map of store locations in Piccadilly, London

Cordings – Ladies wear, rainwear (cotton and rubberized), cotton poplin shirts, covert coats, washed cotton twill shirts.
Le Meridian Piccadilly – This hotel has a beautiful Edwardian style building.
Cotswold – Specializes in outdoor activities clothing for men, women and children, footwear, accessories and equipment. This place carries tents, sleeping bags, climbing equipment, gadgets & tools, ski clothing and accessories, rucksacks, luggage, travel equipment, GPS, navigation and maps etc.
Café Nero – Authentic Italian cuisine.
Brioche Doree – Café – sandwiches, salads, pastries etc.
Then comes Piccadilly Place. At the corner of this street and Piccadilly is Abbey, providing banking services next to it is TTT Foreign Exchange.
Next is Swallow St. At the corner of Swallow St. and Piccadilly is Caffe Ritazza and further down is Lloyds TSB, providing banking services. After this is Sackville St.
Related MAP-
Map of store locations in Piccadilly, London

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