Aldo is a chain of footwear stores. It also has other leather items and accessories. Price example – pumps ranging from $60 – $120 amongst classic and fashion wears. Bags are reasonable priced. The other accessories include fashion jewelry, scarves, hats etc.
ALDO stores are quite ubiquitous in Manhattan.

Some of the ALDO store locations in New York City are –

ALDO,15 West, 34th Street,NY- 10001
ALDO, 700 Broadway NY- 10003
ALDO, 579 Broadway, NY- 10012
ALDO, 603 Fifth Avenue, NY- 10017
ALDO, 97 Fifth Avenue, NY- 10003
ALDO, 603 Fifth Avenue,NY- 10017
ALDO, Chrysler Building, 139 East 42nd Street,NY- 10017
ALDO,730 Lexington Ave.NY- 10022
ALDO, 2345 Broadway,NY- 10024
ALDO, Rockfeller Center,1230 Avenue of Americas, NY- 10020
ALDO, 157 East 86th Street,NY- 10028

Aldo was started in 1972 in Montreal, Canada and today has more than 800 stores under various brands. These include ALDO, Stoneridge, FeetFirst, FIRST by FeetFirst, Transit/Spring, Globo, Aldo accessories, Aldo outlets and Spring outlets.

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