Atomium – 50th Anniversary of Expo 58, Brussels, Belgium: Part 1

Programs for the 50th year commemoration of Expo 1958 would take place between 18th April and 19th October 2008 in Brussels. The events, partnerships and collaborations are given below. This has been given in 7 parts (merely for convenience) – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7.

These include-

1) The Pavilion of Temporary Happiness which is set up on the Louis Steens Square

Expo 58, 50th anniversary logo

2) The shows/exhibitions in the Pavilion relates to the World’s Fairs especially the Expo’58 and focuses on the ideas, myths and dreams that they promote even today. Of these notable ones include-
Mythologies: The opportunity to peek into the past through interactive games, maps and objects. It would be re-discovering the 1950s.  Prophecies: The history of the World’s Fairs is screened here; from the first World Fair in London in 1851 to the future one in Shanghai in 2010. It encompasses the ideas and goals behind these fairs, along with other aspects of architecture , human science, science and technology and art and science.
Utopias: An interactive opportunity with platform for visitors to share their thoughts and aspirations. Visitors can record their messages about happiness and progress. A number of crates bearing letters, words etc. imitating those in the Lego game are kept heaped there for visitors to arrange into a coherent phrases, words etc.

3) Expo ’58 Between Utopia and Reality –Exhibition on the original Expo of 1958 held in various spheres of the Atomium. This is put together by the Atomium Association, City of Brussels Archives (A.V.B) and the State Archives (Archives Générales du Royaume). Other items, films, scale models including the Civil Engineering Arrow and the Place de Brouckere information centre also grace the exhibition.

4) Cinema at the Atomium – Films will be the focus on the first and third weekend of September. Films would range from American comedy to classic French – all from the 1950s or having ‘50s theme and settings. The films likely to be shown are A bout de soufflé, vertigo, John Waters, Mon Oncle, The girl can’t help it, Et dieu crea la femme. The shows are free and will be held on the plaza near the Atomium. It will be screened from 9 pm.

5) Raising of the Belgian Flag atop the Atomium.
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