Atomium – 50th Anniversary of Expo 58, Brussels, Belgium: Part 3

13) The Musical Wheel-  This is a an artwork placed in the entrance hall of the Atomium for the celebration period. It is a musical painting which is a  fusion of visual and audio effects. It is interactive i.e. the visitor can walk through the work turning on and off the various sound tracks within the visual board. The visitor is the conductor of the music. This is the collaboration between the Sean O’Hagan of High Llama fame (creator of the symphony- the audio part) and artist Jean-Pierre Muller (creator of the visual part). The work is a Musical Wheel. It is an interactive circular triptych rewriting the story of the wheel  by following the descendents of slaves in their journey to the industrial North of the US.

14) Nature Planet – This artwork is made of pieces of bamboo which came from a program of pruning set up to support new shoots. It is already installed near the Atomium’s ticket office. After dismantling the pieces will be recycled into paper. This work was a result of the collaboration between RTBF and Bob Verschueren. In fact the work consists of 2546 pieces of bamboo which is the number of staff working for RTBF.

15) Expo X Expos – 15th Nov 08 to 15th Jan 09 is the period of exhibition in the Atomium by the International Exhibitions Bureau. The exhibition is on the history of the various World Fairs with focus on latest World Fair at Aichi, the next one at Saragossa and the 2010 one at Shanghai.

16) International Forum for Meteorology – The 5th International Forum of Meteorology will be organized by the Société Métérologique de France from 3rd to 9th November.

The Atomium, Brussels

17) La Poste redraws the Atomium – a special 50-year commemorative stamp will be issued by la Poste

18) For amateur antique fans – 1950s second-hand street markets will be organized along Blvd du Centenaire. These will be on 26th-27th April (10am-8pm) and 23rd-24th August 08 (10am-7:30pm). Both are weekends.

19) Lunch in 1958 – Atomium shops will carry special re-edition of crockery sets made by Royal Boch. Four different sets (teacups and saucers) will be only sale. Each one comes with a certificate.
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