Atomium – 50th Anniversary of Expo 58, Brussels, Belgium: Part 6

33) Exploration du Monde – An exploration of Belgium in 1958 through a film co-produced by Belgavox, VRT and RTBF. It will be shown in various Walloon cities and Brussels.

34) Peking Challenge – Starting from the Atomium on 12th July 2008, the Peking Challenge involves teams taking a piece of Belgium to the Great Wall in China. Anybody with a driver’s license, good health and willingness to drive over 11,500 km can participate.

35) Editions Champaka – With Atomium as the subject 14 comic artists capture their interpretations thrrough screen-print on high quality paper which would be signed by the artist. This is being organized by Editions Champaka and the series will be issued in two seasonal releases, one in March and the other in September 2008.  Some of the artists are Joost Swarte, Jean-Claude Gotting, Ted Benoit, Frank Pe, Vittorio, Ever Meulen etc.
Also there will be a debate on 18th march at 11 am at the bookshop Brusel (Bld Anspach, 100-1000 Brussels) in the presence of the authors.
Expo 58 - 50 Anniversary logo

36) Brosella Jazz & Folk festival – On 12th & 13th July 08 a special event in commemoration of the anniversary is being organized by the Brosella Folk & Jazz festival at the Verdure theatre. This is located next to the Atomium. Included are presentation of modernized versions of ‘50’s music.

37) Euroferia Andaluza – From 2 pm till midnight on 6th, 7th and 8th June 08, the organizers of Euroferia are launching an intercultural exchange at the foot of the Atomium. It will be traditional Spanish song and dance fare.

38) City Rally: Red Cross – Organized by Red Cross at the Heyzel Plateau on April 13th 08. The objective of this event is to mobilize and hire new members, pay tribute to old members who participated in ’58 Expo etc.
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