Atomium – 50th Anniversary of Expo 58, Brussels, Belgium: Part 7

39) Food development from 1958 to 2008 – BioForum Walloon and BioForum Vlaanderen have teamed up to organize an organic picnic at the foot of the Atomium on 15th June. Changes in food habits and the resurgence of faith in organic products will be the focus.

40) Belgium 58 – An exhibition organized by the Museum of Architecture and the Archives of Modern Architecture, this focuses on architectural and decorative forms of 1958 – essentially the post war years when the shift to modern designs was evident.

The Atomium, Brussels

41) From New Look to Expo 58 – The Museum of Costume will be exhibiting a array of evening dresses of famous couturiers, wedding dresses (1947-59), suits, coats, cocktail dresses, accessories etc.

This is part 7 of the series on the celebrations. The others are  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6 .