Brookstone – Shopping in New York City

Brookstone is a must visit for any gadget maniac who has a penchant for new, innovative or quirky gadgets and other products. Its product range includes various types of clocks, digital photo frames, massage chairs, pillows and mattresses, umbrellas and gloves, tools, stereo systems et al. The products are varied and they are generally different in design or have extra functions or are unusual in some way when compared to similar items in other stores. Brookstone carries their own brand and also of some other vendors. The best part is that one can try out the displayed items in the store and have hands on experience. This interactive mode really helps. A number of times I have gone to a Brookstone store just to check out any new items that might have come, but after fiddling with it landed up buying it. Yep, impulse purchases they were. But no regrets whatsoever! The in-store service is quite good. The staff helps in guiding customers through the products and their features. This is sometimes necessary when there are some new products with some real wacky features! Though, all displays are labeled. The prices are slightly on the higher side but then it’s worth it. Most of the items are great gift options especially gifts for men.

The broad categories the products would fall under include electronics, bed & bath, home care, kitchen & bar, furniture, games & arcade, massage & fitness, outdoor living, travel & auto etc.

This product development and specialty retail chain had its inception in 1965 when it put out an ad in Popular Mechanics Magazine for “hard to find tools”. Soon it started printing catalogues and in 1973 it was on the retail path from being a catalogue company with the opening of the first store in New Hampshire. Today it has more than 300 stores in the US and Puerto Rico. The stores are mainly found in premium shopping malls, lifestyle centers and airports. It markets the products through catalogues, stores and the internet – the customer thus has the option to choose the most convenient one. Apart from the Brookstone stores and the direct marketing arms including Brookstone catalogue and Hard to find catalogues, the company also operates under Gardeners Eden brand.

Some of the Brookstone locations in New York are –
West 57th Street, 20 West 57th Street, NY 10019
Rockefeller Center,16 West 50th Street, NY 10020, 212-262-3237
Newport Centre, 30 Mall Drive Level 1, Space A39A, Jersey City, NJ 07310
Seaport Marketplace, 18 Fulton Street, NY 10038, 212-344-8108
Staten Island Mall, 2655 Richmond Ave, Space 1030, NY 10314, 718-982-1525

Stores are also located in all the NY area airports – La Guardia, JFK and Newark Airport.