DEN – Denver DIA Airport – Terminal Map, Address, Phone

Denver International Airport (DIA) is located in the north-east of Denver, Colorado. The most interesting feature of the DIA -Denver Airport a visitor notes is the unique design. It looks like white tents set up – it actually seeks to represent the snow-capped rocky mountains. With views of the Rockies , it is quite a beautiful airport.

DIA - Denver Airport terminals

DIA -Denver Airport  address

 8500 Peña Boulevard, Denver, Colorado U.S.A.- 80249-6340

 DIA Denver Airport Phone Numbers –

 (303) 342-2000
(800) 247-2336 (800 AIR2DEN)
(6 am to midnight – daily )

DIA Airport – Email Address :

[email protected]

DIA Denver International Airport’s Jeppesen Terminal is separated into West and East Terminals. These lead to three midfield concourses.
Concourse A at Denver Airport – is accessible via a pedestrian bridge from the terminal building and the underground train system which connects all concourses to the terminals. Concourse A serves all International arrivals at Denver and also some departing flights. Some of the airlines operating from here include Aeromexico, Air Canada, British Airways, Continental, JetBlue, Frontier Airlines, Lufthansa etc.

Concourses B at DIA airport– Concourses B and C are connected to the terminals only by the train system. Flights handled by this concourse include United Airlines, United Express (operated by GoJet, Mesa and Shuttle airlines) etc.

Concourse C – It serves some non-major airlines largely meant to fly to each airline’s hubs in other cities (except for Southwest Airlines).  Flights operating from here include Delta, Delta Connections, Southwest, US Airways, Northwest Airlines etc.DIA_Jeppesen_terminal_denver_airport

Commuting from terminals to concourses at DIA
Concourse A is accessible by a pedestrian bridge but other concourses can be reached using the underground train system known as the Automated Guideway Transit System (AGTS).



Photograph provided courtesy of Denver International Airport.