Getting to Austria – Air, Rail and Road Transportations

Austria is a land locked country. It is well connected by flight from all major cities of the world and also by rail and road from the neighboring countries.

To Austria by Air-
Austria has five international airports – Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Linz, Graz and Klagenfurt. They provide domestic services and also services to other European countries. The most important and well connected airport is however that of Vienna.
From USA and Canada there are direct flights to Austria. Austrian Airways has non-stop flights to Vienna from Chicago, New York, Washington D.C. and Toronto. British Airways connects US and Canada to Austria via London. Others include Lufthansa connecting US & Canada to Austria via Munich or Frankfurt. For locations without direct flights, Austrian Airways (the national carrier) has teamed up with their Star Alliance partners. For instance from Singapore to Vienna, one can take the Singapore Airlines flight to Bangkok or New Delhi and then from there take an Austrian Airways flight to Vienna. Singapore to Bangkok one can also take the Thai Airways services. There are numerous options available. Another example- Sydney to Vienna would be via Bangkok (Austria/Thai Airways).
Austrian Airways Helpdesk – +43 (0)5 1766 1001

By Train-
Since Austria has beautiful scenic beauty thanks largely to the Alpines, train journeys are amazing and almost invigorating. The country is well connected by rail to other European countries and also has a very good rail network within the country. It is a cheap, convenient and enjoyable mode of transport along with buses which helps in reaching the innards.
Getting to Austria from neighboring countries by train is convenient and fast. Most of the European trains have very good facilities – the deluxe compartments have shower, table. Chairs apart from bed/s. Restaurants and luggage storage facilities, compartments with play area for children, audio and video entertainment etc. are also available on some of the trains (of course, facilities depend on the class). There are passes available which makes the individual rides cheaper. For children, in some cases it is free while in other instances there are concessions available for seniors. Passes are valid in multiple countries.

The main rail authority in Austria is the OBB (Osterreichische Bundesbahnen or the Austrian Federal Railways).

Some of the rail services to Austria include –
The Eurocity (EC)
Intercity-Express (ICE) 
DB Autozug-Motorail
DB CityNightLine (CNL)
Euronight (EN)

Austria Rail Passes: Passes for the National rail network can be obtained for 3,4,5,6,7 or 8 days of unlimited travel by train for a period of 1 month. The passes can be used consecutively or otherwise, provided it is used within one month of first usage. The first Usage of the pass should be within 6 months of its purchase. The rate ranges from approximately $370 for an 8 day pass to $215 for 3 day pass in First Class. In second class the range is $260 to $150 approximately. (Prices subject to change)
Concessions are available for children. Up to 3 years of age, children are free if sharing an adult seat/berth. In some cases there are special discounts available for people under 26 years of age.

By Road-
Another great experience- especially because of the
Autobahns – more…