Intercity-Express (ICE) trains – Austria Transportation

The Intercity-Express (ICE) of Deutsche Bahn AG connects Germany to Austria (apart from Switzerland, Belgium & Netherlands). It mainly runs in Germany but services some neighboring countries.  The trains have speeds of 300 km/hr. There are ICE trains every hour or two hours between the major cities of these countries.
There are three different versions of the ICE trains – 1,2, and 3. ICE 1 lines run to Vienna along with Zurich. The ICE trains are also used in intra-city rail network in Austria.

Some of the ICE rail routes to Austria are –

1) From München Hbf via Salzburg Hbf – Linz Hbf to Vienna Westbahnhof (Austria)

2) From Passau Hbf to Vienna Westbahnhof (Austria) via Linz Hbf

2) From Nürnberg Hbf via Regensburg Hbf – Plattling to Passau Hbf (onwards to Wien Westbf via Linz Hbf)

Within Austria one can get any train information including schedules and routes by calling the following number – +43 (0)5-1717