Las Vegas Airport (McCarran, LAS) – Free Park n Ride – Parking Info

Free Park & Ride (Park n Ride) at Las Vegas Airport/McCarran, LAS  –

There is a Park & Ride facility available on first come first serve basis at SSTT (South Strip Transfer Terminal). This Park n Ride facility has security and is free. One can park here for 7 days and if one needs to park for more than 7 days they would have to check with the security office at the facility. las_vegas_free_parking_park_n_ride_garage
The Park and Ride lot is located at at Sunset Road and Gilespie Street which is just south of Las Vegas McCarran Airport. It is just 10 minutes away from the Las Vegas Airport. One can take the 109 route bus from SSTT to the airport (cost $1.75 each way). The ticket can be bought from the ticket vending machine at the waiting area of the Parking facility. After purchase the ticket needs to be validated. The slot for validation is on the same vending machine.

( SSTC Photo - courtesy : RTC )

Las Vegas Airport Free Park & Ride Address

South Strip Transfer Terminal
6675 Gilespie St.
Las Vegas, NV

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