Loft – Ann Taylor Loft

According to the company Ann Taylor Loft is positioned for the “upper moderate” priced category. This is meant for the “value conscious” woman with a more “relaxed” lifestyle. Yep, the prices are a indeed a little towards the higher side compared to the other stores, but then the designs and finishing are also better. Or maybe its a perception? Either way, it’s quite chic. Loft has sale at various times of the year and Loft coupons are also available at various sites like groupon, etc.

Founded by Robert Liebeskind in 1954 as a store for the “well dressed” woman, today the group comprising Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft and Ann Taylor Factory Stores has over 860 stores and sales of over 2.3 billion dollars.

Ann Taylor is positioned as the “better” priced category meant for the successful and well off, fashion conscious career woman. Hence the designs lean towards professional, stylish and coordinated looks.
Ann Taylor Factory Stores have merchandize priced lower than the above two and is meant to cater to a wider segment.

Some of the Ann Taylor Loft store Locations in New York City include:
1) 35 W, 34th street, NY-10001, (212) 244-8926
2) SOHO, 560 Broadway, NY-10012, (212) 625-0427
3) 125 Montague St. Brooklyn, NY- 11201, (718) 643-6585
4) NOHO, 770 Broadway, NY-10003, (646) 602-1582
5) 2 Broadway, NY-10004, (212) 809-1435
6) Newport Center, 30 Mall dr., NJ-07310, (201) 216-9686
7) 7 Times Square Tower, 1459 Broadway, NY-10036
8) 1290 6th Ave. NY-10104, (212) 399-1078
9) 42nd & Lexington, NY -10017, (212) 8838766

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