Niagara Falls – Islands (Goat, Luna, Three Sisters), Bridal Veil, Terrapin Point, Top of the Falls

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10) Goat Island: This is connected to the mainland via a Pedestrian bridge and also by the American Rapids Bridge. One can walk down from Prospect point across the Pedestrian Bridge. It is a great walk. The Trolley also goes there. At the Goat Island the Trolley stops at the Cave of the Winds, the Top of the Falls Restaurant (along with Terrapin Point) and the Three Sisters Islands stop.
View from Goat Island - towards Luna Island, observation tower and Rainbow Bridge
11) Luna Island and the Bridal Veil Falls: At the Cave of the winds stop, on the right is a path to Luna Island and the Bridal Veil Falls. This is a small island which has the American Falls on the right and a small fall on the left. The small fall is called the Bridal Veil Fall. This gives a great view of the American Falls.
 American Falls as seen from Luna Island

From the Luna Island the view of the American Falls is quite incredible. You can actually feel the force with which water is rushing down the edge.
The Edge of the water fall - Niagara Falls

12) Terrapin Point and Top of the Falls Restaurant: A little walk to the left of the Cave of the winds would take you to the Terrapin Point and the Top of the Falls restaurant. The Terrapin Point gives a up close and fantastic view of the Horse Shoe falls. This is a must visit.
Terrapin Point, Niagara Falls
The mist rises so far high up, sometimes it feels like it is raining when the wind direction is towards the point. The Top of the falls Restaurant is reasonably priced with very good food which you can feast on while enjoying the envious view of the Horse Shoe Falls.

13) Three Sisters Islands: These are three very small islands one after the other connected by small bridges to each other.
Three Sisters Island, Niagara Falls
You can stand at the edge of the rapids, touch the busy water and really feel the power of the water. These islands give a wonderful experience bonding with the falls and the wilderness there. It provides good photo-op.
View from the Three Sisters Island, Niagara Falls

View from the Three Sisters Island, Niagara Falls

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