Niagara Falls – Seneca Casino, Helicopter Ride, 4D Movie, Museums

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Outside the Niagara State Park there are some other attractions in the vicinity of the Park. Rainbow Blvd. which leads to the Park has a number of restaurants with seating outside, souvenir shops, ATM, ice cream kiosks etc.

14) Helicopter ride: Just opposite to Days Inn there is a Helicopter ride facility. It is called Rainbow Air Inc (ph. # 716-284-2800) The cost is $85 per person (plus tip for the pilot). It is very close to the State Park. This provides a 10 minute ride over the Falls, the Canada and US sides and covers a little of the river. A ride worth taking. It is available only if weather permits.

Helicopter Ride - Niagara Falls - Rainbow Air

15) Haunted House: This is a small center on Rainbow Blvd. You will complete the round in 5 minutes. It costs $5 per person. It is nothing great. You can take it if you have plenty of time.   Haunted House exhibit (Monster of Frankenstein), Niagara

16) 4D movie at Thunder Theatre – Legends of Niagara: Next to Hard Rock this is a souvenir shop cum 4D theater. The shop (JD Gifts) has a huge collection of small and big souvenirs. The 4D show is better than the Niagara Adventure Theater show in the State Park.

17) Seneca Casino: On Niagara Street, a few blocks away from Park is the Seneca casino. This is tallest building in the area and visible from all around especially so because of its decorative lights on the building. There are a variety of restaurants here. The casino has the usual fare of slot machines, roulette, poker et al.

Seneca Casino, Niagara Falls, New York

18) Flight of Angels: This is located on Rainbow Blvd. It is a 15 minute ride on a tethered helium balloon. It affords a good view of the Falls and the surrounding areas from about 400 ft. above ground. But this is seasonal. Currently it is closed but look out for it if it opens.

19) Daredevil Museum: This is also on Rainbow Blvd. It has exhibits of daredevil memorabilia including material and photos of various adventurous attempts over the falls. Entry is free.

20) Niagara Wax Museum: A small museum with life size wax figures of various famous people. If you have been to any Madam Tussand’s (in NYC or London or other places) avoid this.
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