Niagara Falls- Museums (Castellani Art, Sanborn-Lewiston, Town of Porter, Native American)

Continued from Part 5
There are also number of museums around the River region. Some of them are listed below –

30) Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University (home to Andy Warhols and Picassos). Address – Niagara University campus, Senior Dr., Niagara University, NY-14109.

31) Town Of Porter Historical Museum (census, church records etc. dating back to 1800s; Native American relics, photographs etc.). Address – 240 Lockport St., Youngstown, NY- 14174.

32) The Lewiston museum (Lewiston’s historic past showcased). Address – 469 Plain St., Lewiston, NY 14092.
33) Sanborn-Lewiston Farm Museum (old farm equipments and farm life). Address – 2660 Saunders Settlement Rd., Sanborn, NY – 14132.

34) Native American Museum of Art at Smokin Joes (Ancient Niagara history – esp. Iroquois and Tuscarora history and culture). Address – 2293 Saunders Settlement Rd., Sanborn, NY – 14132.