Shopping in Piccadilly, London – Sackville St. to Old Bond St.

Continued from Shopping in Piccadilly, London – Regent St. (Piccadilly Circus) to Sackville St.

Shops/places of interest between Sackville St. and Old Bond St. (on Piccadilly leading off from Piccadilly Circus)-
Pret a Manger – Healthy fresh food. The policy is to use natural ingredients and avoid preservatives and other chemicals. They have sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, bagels, juices and smoothies, baguettes, muffins et al.
Wasabi – Take away pre-packed low priced sushi and bento.
Minamoto Kitchoan – A store selling Japanese confectionery and desserts, Wagashi.
La Maison du Chocolat – Elegantly presented fine handmade chocolates.
Alliance & Leicester – Providing financial/banking services
A map of the area is given below. The map is not to scale. It merely shows which store comes after which one, in the area. Please click on the maps to enlarge.

Map of store locations in Piccadilly, London

Burlington House – Originally of Palladian architecture, this mansion with a courtyard has seen many changes over the last centuries – since late 1600s. Today it houses the Royal Academy (the main building in the north end) and five “Learned Societies” in the east, west and south (Piccadilly) wings. These societies are – Geological society of London, Linnean Society of London, Royal Astronomical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, Society of Antiquaries of London. It is well known as the venue of the Royal Academy’s temporary art exhibitions.
Burlington Arcade – Opened in 1819, this is Britain first shopping arcade. It is also known to be the longest covered shopping street in England. It’s quite the ultimate in luxury goods. There are many shops here carrying exclusive, exquisite and expensive merchandise!
Read more about Burlington Arcade.
Next to Burlington arcade is Naturally Cashmere followed by Image of London.
Image of London has gifts, greeting cards, luggage, bags and also digital photo service.
Watches of Switzerland – This store has various brands of watches and clocks. There are antique clocks as well. Some of the brands they have are Omega, Rolex, Cartier, Bauman Mercier, Tag Heuer etc. This store is at the corner of Old Bond St. and Piccadilly.

Old Bond St. is another shoppers’ haven. The best of everything is housed in this stretch of street leading from Piccadilly. Numerous famous and exclusive brands have their stores here.
Related MAP-
Map of store locations in Piccadilly, London

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