Shopping in Piccadilly, London – St James's St. to Arlington St.

Continued from Shopping in Piccadilly, London – Duke Street St James’s to St James’s St.

Shops/places of interest between St. James’s St. and Arlington St. (on Piccadilly leading off from Piccadilly Circus)-

Across St. James’s St. (i.e. at the corner of St. James’s and Piccadilly) is Caviar house & Prunier, a seafood boutique & restaurant serving up caviar (but of course!) and champagne along with other seafood fares like lobsters, crabs, oysters etc. This was formed by the merger of two caviar specialist companies – Caviar House and Prunier.
A map of the area is given below. The map is not to scale. It merely shows which store comes after which one, in the area. Please click on the maps to enlarge.

Map of store locations in Piccadilly, London

At the corner of Arlington and Piccadilly is The Wolseley.
The Wolseley offers lunch and dinner menu and also menu in the Grand café tradition at different times during the day including breakfast, morning pastries, afternoon tea and all day menu of sandwiches, salads, etc. Stylish tableware, glassware, silverware, china etc. are available for purchase from Wolseley over net.
After this, across Arlington St. is The Ritz followed by Green Park.
Related MAP-
Map of store locations in Piccadilly, London

Continued in Shopping in Piccadilly – Regent St. (Piccadilly Circus) to Sackville St. 

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