St. Saviour’s Cathedral (Sint Salvators-kathedraal), Bruges, Belgium

Towards the south-west of the Market Square, is located the St. Saviours Cathedral on the Sint-Salvatorskerkhof  . The Heilige-Geeststraat leads from this street to Mariastraat where the Church Of Our Lady is located. One can visit these two churches one after the other.

Address of  St. Saviour’s Cathedral (Sint Salvators-kathedraal), Bruges:
Sint-Salvatorskerkhof, 8000 Brugge
Timings: Sunday – Friday – 2 pm – 5pm
Church Service – Saturday – 4pm & Sunday – 10:30am

The Sint Salvators-kathedraal is the oldest Parish Church in Bruges. It dates back to the 10th century. Originally it was just a parish church and only obtained its Cathedral status only in the 19th century. This church has been damaged and repaired a number of times  over the centuries. In fact the lower level is distinctly different form from the upper ones – a result of building on top of an existing structure. Like many other structures in Bruges, the French destroyed this church in the late 18th century. Bruges became independent in 1830 and in 1834, a new Bishop was installed and the Sint Salvator became a cathedral. However it did not have an impressive construction for a cathedral. In 1839 a fire damaged much of the cathedral’s roof. The subsequent restoration process aimed to make it the highest tower in the city in neo-gothic style. But the English architect William Chantrell built it in the Romanesque style. The pyramidal roof on top was added later since the flat roof was not accepted.

Attractions here include the Gobelins (tapestry rich in pictorial design, originally from 15th century Paris), rood-loft (a gallery for reading and chanting) with organ, Choir stalls and also a number of paintings, gold, silver and copper art works.