Basilica of the Holy Blood (Heilige Bloed Basiliek)-Bruges (Brugge), Belgium: Part 1

This church is located in the Burg square near the Town Hall. It has two chapels. It has an ornate façade and has some small golden hued statues atop. It is a small chapel. The lower one is the St. Basil (a figure of the Greek church) chapel and a wide staircase leads to the first floor to the chapel of the Holy Blood.  This dates back to (more…)

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Traveling within Bruges (Brugge), Belgium – Transport Information

The best way to get around Bruges is to walk. The centre is only about 15 minutes walk from the station. Also there are buses leaving from the station every 10 minutes. There is also a taxi stand at the station. The buses would have the “Centrum” tag on it. For the centre one can get down at Markt.

Walking or cycling are the best (more…)

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How to get to Bruges (Brugge), Belgium – Transportation

For international travelers the airports most convenient for Bruges include Brussels airport (Zaventem) from where it takes about an hour, the Charleroi Airport towards the south of Brussels which is about an hour and half from Bruges and the Ostend Airport which is for charters and private jets. 

Bruges is very well connected by rail. There are (more…)

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Bruges (Brugge), Belgium – An Introduction

Belgium (actually Kingdom of Belgium) has three official regions – the Flemish region, Walloon region and the Brussels-Capital region. The Flemish region (originally Flanders) occupies the northern part of Belgium. This region has five provinces – Antwerp, Limburg, East Flanders, West Flanders and Flemish Brabant. The largest three cities in this region are Antwerp, Gent and Bruges (or Brugge in Dutch).

Bruges (Brugge), a port city, is the capital of West Flanders. In 2000 the historic centre of Bruges has been made a World (more…)

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