The City Hall/ Town Hall/ Stadhuis, Bruges, Belgium

The City Hall of Bruges is located in the Burg Square close to the Bruges Tourist Office and the Basilica of Holy Blood. Tourists can visit the Gothic Chamber in the first floor which can be accessed through a  staircase from the entrance. This along with the Historical Chamber contains a number of works of art, documents, paintings and murals which shows the grandeur of the city’s past. The ceiling and artwork in the Gothic Hall would delight any visitor. It is splendid.

The outside artwork of the building reminded me of the Town hall in Brussels. I thought maybe it is copied from the Brussels Town Hall. But it seems actually the Bruges (brugge) Town Hall is the predecessor.

Location of  The City Hall/ Town Hall/ Stadhuis, Bruges:
Burg 12, 8000 Bruges (Brugge)
Timings: 9:30am – 5 pm (Mondays Closed)

The City Hall of Bruges dates back to 1376 – 1421. In 1376 Count Louis gave the order to demolish the existing edifice and replace it with a good City Hall. The City Hall was built under the supervision of Jan Roegiers and it was completed in 1421. It was one of the oldest of such buildings and later led to being imitated in Brussels, Ghent etc. This gorgeous building is evidence of the prosperity of the city in the 14th – 15th centuries. The façade of the building is highly detailed with images of Biblical and historical figures. The historical figures represent the rulers/counts/countesses of Flanders and a knight. These figures however have undergone repair and retouching over the centuries. Especially after the French Revolution when many of the original images were destroyed. Some of these original pieces are with various museums. The destroyed images were replaced by new and updated images. The latest changes were as recent as 1989. The roof and towers also have art work.
Town hall Bruges, Belgium

The interior was also had a grandiose look. A fire in 1887 damaged much of the interior. The renovations thereafter, took place between 1895-1905 and was conducted under the aegis of Louis and Jean-Baptist Delacenserie Bethune. The current Gothic Hall is a result of the merger of big and small halls. This is a beautiful hall, highly decorated and has an unusual oak ceiling. This place stores medallions with images of prophets, saints and evangelists. The neo-gothic huge chimney is a later addition. The building is beautifully lit at night. Overall it is a must visit place.

Nearby is the tourist office of Bruges. The address of tourist office of Bruges
11 Bruges, 8000 Brugge
Tel. 050/44.86.86- fax 050/44.86.00

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