The Diamond Museum (Diamantmuseum Brugge), Bruges, Belgium

This Museum housed in an unassuming building is one of only 5 diamond museums in the world. Since Bruges has an important place in the evolution of the diamond trade in Belgium, it is only fitting that such a museum is established here. It has been known that it was in Bruges that the art of diamond polishing was invented in the 15th century when a local goldsmith Lodewijk van Berquem invented a diamond polishing wheel.

Address of Diamantmuseum (The Diamond Museum), Bruges :
Katelijnestraat 43, 8000 Bruges
Timings: 10:30 am – 5:30pm
Diamond polishing demonstration: 12:15 pm
Phone: + 32 50 34 20 56

The exhibits inside the museum are – a replication of the workshop of Lodewijk van Berquem, a replica of the crown of Margaret of York, sample of the early middle age Bruges imports and exports, original mining equipment , a mining shaft and manufacturing tools for sawing, bruting and polishing and a 1:1 scale model, in cubic zirconium, of the entire quantity of world diamond production. The museum also has scores of real diamonds.

Daily at 12:15 pm there is a diamond polishing demonstration done by a diamond polisher in the museum’s polishing workshop. This is located in the basement (now restored) dating back to the middle ages.

The museum takes one through the journey of the diamond over the centuries starting with origins of the gem in India to the 15th century Bruges, the moving of the diamond industry from Bruges to Antwerp in the 16th century and then to Amsterdam in 17th and 18th centuries to the diamond mining in South Africa today. Other interesting objects are Flemish jewellery during the middle-ages, exhibit on the formation of diamond within the earth, the industrial use of diamonds.

For buying diamonds in Bruges, on Katelijnestraat itself there is a diamond showroom. Another one is in Cordoeaniersstraat.
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