The Eurocity (EC) Trains – Austria

This is an international train service, introduced in 1987, within the European inter-city rail network.  With speeds up to 200 km/hr and frequent trains connecting main cities in Europe, the EC is a fast and convenient way of travelling across borders. Essentially it replaced most of the routes of the erstwhile Trans Europ Express (TEE). It is all the more convenient and relevant in the post Schengen era since there is no passport checks between borders of the Schengen countries of Europe.

The main features of the EC service include trains going through two or more countries, stopping only at major cities, all cars being air-conditioned, has dining cars, multi-lingual conductors etc. It also provides improved mobile connectivity, power supply for laptops / electronic gadgets etc.  It operates in the day time – 6 AM up to midnight.

Some of the routes to Austria are (the trains have been given names; some of them are given below)-

1) Vienna – Dortmund (Germany)
2) Hamburg (Germany) – Vienna
3) Venice (Italy)-Villach (Austria)- Vienna (named as Allegro Stadivari)
4) Budapest (Hungary) – Vienna
5) Munich – Salzburg – Vienna-Gyor-Budapest
6) Munich-Vienna
7) Vienna-Innsbruck-Zurich (named as Maria Theresia)
8) Zagreb-Villach  (aka Mimara)
9) Zagreb-Ljubljana-Villach-Slazburg (aka Agram)

Within Austria one can get any train information including schedules and routes by calling the following number – 05/ 1717