The Hospital of St. John (Sint-Janshospitaal), Bruges (Brugge), Belgium

The St. John’s Hospital of yester years is now the Memling in Sint-Janshospitaal Museum. It is one of the oldest Hospital buildings in Europe. It gives a poignant view of the medieval hospital. A tribute to those times the exhibits include paintings, statues, furniture, silver works, etc. The works of the famous artist Hans Memling are featured here. The hospital chapel and the St. Ursula Shrine are his creations. There is an old apothecary and an herb garden which people can visit.

Address of Sint-Janshospitaal (Hospital of St. John):
Mariastraat 38, B-8000 Bruges
Timings: Everyday 9:30am – 5 pm
Closed on – Mondays (except Easter and Whit Monday)

Memling (1430-1494) though born in Germany, spent much of his adult life in Bruges where he came in 1465. Memling worked under Roger van der Weyden. Memling’s works are seen not only in Belgium but also France, Germany and England. Some of the notable masterpieces are The Seven Griefs of Mary (in Turin), Seven Joys of Mary (Munich), Crucifixion, Christopher and Saints, etc.

Hospital of St. John, Bruges, Belgium

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