The Markt (Market) Square-Bruges, Belgium

The first place any tourist will land up in Bruges is the Markt (Market) Square, the Grote Markt of Bruges. Next to it is another square called Burg. From Markt to Burg one can take the Breidelstr in the Wollestraat direction. There are number of lanes/streets leading to all directions from the squares. These are areas one can just walk and soak in the feel of the city. There are restaurants and stores too in these streets.

The place looks medieval with gothic style architecture. But some constructions are fairly modern though they have adhered to the old existing design and architecture of the city. There have been a lot of repairs and reconstructions following fires and wars.  Statue at Market Square, Bruges, BelgiumBruges
In the Markt Square of Bruges, the centre has a statue of Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninck. This commemorates the memory of the two leaders of the 14th century who led the Flemish revolt against French occupation in 1302 A.D.
To the north of the square is the Provincial Court. This is a beautiful neo-gothic structure. Its predecessor was in Classical style in the early 1800s. But an 1878 fire destroyed the building and the new structure was built in neo-gothic style matching the rest of the city. It is flanked by the Bruges Post Office on the eastern side.

The southern side of the square has a stretch of houses and guilds in medieval style. Though they look medieval, not all are so old. Some are relatively recent reconstructions. There are restaurants, cafes and stores here.

However, the main attraction of the square is the Belfry and the Cloth Hall. This imposing structure attracts attention immediately.

There are horse carriages on which one can take a ride – its fun! The square looks splendid at night with all the lights coming on. This is a great place to start and end the day’s tour – since one can just hang around. Sometimes there are concerts held here (we didn’t get a chance to enjoy it however).
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