Tourist places near Bruges (Brugge), Belgium

One can have day trips from Bruges to nearby towns.  The journey is exhilarating due to the wonderful scenic beauty of the countryside.  Some of these places include –

Damme – a scenic picturesque village which can be accessed by a cruise or bus or even bike.

Oostende – about twenty minus by train, this is a 19th century beach resort built by King Leopold II (1865-1909).

Ieper/Ypres – an important site of Great War (1914-1918) battles, cemeteries and monuments. People interested in wars would find it interesting. On Armistice Day (11th November), a number of commemorative events are held here every year including a service of Remembrance, the Poppy Parade, the Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate Memorial etc.

Atlantic Wall – about 10 minutes away in the direction of Raversijde, there are trenches and galleries dating back to the World Wars.

Zeebrugge – the port of Bruges, 20 minutes away.

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