Train/Rail Passes in Europe

In Europe there are numerous options of trains available for travel both domestically in a country and also across borders. The train travel expenses can be reduced by opting for rail passes. There are passes available – time wise, area wise et al.

Country Passes: This can be used if you are visiting a single country or region.

Eurail Passes: When travelling to two countries in Europe, one can opt for the Eurail Passes depending on the countries being visited. These Eurail passes include –
Austria-Germany Pass
Benelux-Germany Pass
Denmark-Germany Pass
Germany-Switzerland Pass
Austria-Hungary Pass
Austria-Switzerland Pass
Austria-Czech Republic Pass
Austria-Croatia-Slovenia Pass
France-Germany Pass
France-Spain Pass
France-Switzerland Pass
France-Italy Pass
Benelux-France Pass
Benelux Pass
Italy-Spain Pass
Portugal-Spain Pass
Greece-Italy Pass
Hungary-Croatia-Slovenia Pass
Hungary-Romania Pass

Eurail Select Pass: This is helpful during visits to 3 to 5 countries within Europe.

Eurail Global Pass – Meant for visits to 6 or more participating countries in Europe.

To buy train passes for Europe (Eurail or Eurorail passes)
Order from Eurail directly (at They have the facility of delivering tickets to anywhere in the world via Fedex and local courier services.
There’s something called the Pass Security program which is available for about USD 12 per person. This would entitle the holder to get the refund for the unused portion of the rail pass if it is lost or stolen while travelling in Europe.