Traveling within Bruges (Brugge), Belgium – Transport Information

The best way to get around Bruges is to walk. The centre is only about 15 minutes walk from the station. Also there are buses leaving from the station every 10 minutes. There is also a taxi stand at the station. The buses would have the “Centrum” tag on it. For the centre one can get down at Markt.

Walking or cycling are the best modes of transport in Bruges city centre. Other modes of sightseeing are open top boats cruising the canals and horse drawn carriages. The buses leave from the rail station and also from the station at ‘t Zand. They stop at Markt which is the city centre. Once there one can walk or bike. Bicycles are available for hire for a small deposit and diurnal charge from the railway station, bike rentals around the city and also some hotels. Biking is a great option and it is encouraged. For pedal bikes most streets are two way but some streets might be one-way and if caught going in the opposite direction one could get fined. So it is better to check that out at the outset. A map of the city given here (a PDF file) would help.  Bruges City Map  – Source Toerisme Brugge. Bruges

For Bruges guided tours (on foot and Bike) the following seems to have a good tour line-up:
S-wan vzw
Huis ter Beurze
Vlamingstraat 35
Tel: 0499 72 37 10

The prices for the guided tours range from 65 euros to 85 euros and 100 euros per person. Done in groups, the duration could be 2/3/4 hours depending on the tour opted for.

Main Bus stops within Bruges are – 
Railway Station
Centre – Markt
Biekorf, Kuiperstraat

Within Bruges and the surrounding areas like Damme, Oostkerke, Zedelgam etc. the bus fare is 1 Euro. A change to another bus within an hour means there is no charge. Also there are passes available (from De Lijn bus company) like the day pass with which one can travel within the city and the surrounding areas unlimited. For Children below 12 years age, the daypass is valid for the entire Flanders region. There is also the Lijnpass which costs 25% less than single tickets. This can be used when the travel is more extensive to other Flemish cities.
From the Station one can get the regional buses also. This is convenient for Gent, Zeebrugge, Oostende etc.


Parking for coaches and camper vans:
For coaches, the parking spot is Bargeplein, a coach park. These are not allowed into the city centre.
Camper van parking areas are available at the Canal Island (Kanaaleiland). One section has overnight parking facility with a 20 euro charge between April and September and 15 euro for other months. The other section is for short term parking with rates of 5 euros for less than 5 hours, 5 to 9 hours being charged additional 1 euro per hour. Overnight parking is not allowed in this section.
On the parking lane along the Ring Road R30 all types of vehicles can be parked – including camper vans. This lies between the city gates of Gentpoort and Kruispoort.

Note on buses and trams in Flanders region:
Children between 0 and 5 years can travel free in the buses and trams across Flanders. As far as rates are concerned it is quite simple. There is one rate for the short distance i.e. in 1 and 2 Zones and another single rate for long distance i.e. 3 or more Zones.
If the bus or tram tickets are bought in advance (and not on the bus or tram), it is cheaper by nearly 20%. This is done to encourage people to buy tickets in advance so that the driver does not need to spend time in selling tickets. The tickets can be purchased at various outlets including supermarkets, news agents, petrol (gas) stations, railway stations et al. Thus buying in advance means one pays 0.80 Euros for short distance instead of 1.5 Euros when bought from the bus driver and for long distance it is 1.50 Euros instead of 2.50 Euros.
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