Webster Hall (Night Club / Concerts) – New York City Landmark

When I jigged and flailed into 2008 on last New Year’s eve at Webster hall I did not know that it was a building with a 122 year history (since 1886). The building does have the grandeur of old construction. Well, it received the New York City Landmark status from the Landmarks Preservation Commission on March 18th 2008. 

It was a 19th century Assembly Hall and over the years it has seen many types of entertainment – from well-appointed balls to performances by Queen, Madonna, Prince, to Lil Kim, Kanye West etc. One can say it has covered a number of eras of music.

Currently it’s a dance club. It is located in East Village, close to Union Square. It has four floors containing dance floors, stages, lounges et al. It has state of the art audio, video  and lighting technology.  The night club is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. It has six dance floors each with its own specific attractions. The most impressive of them is the Grand Ballroom just above the main floor (Merlin Room). This has witnessed all kinds of dances, music, fashion – that’s the advantage of being around for over one hundred years and still going strong. At the Merlin room one can enjoy the retro music (’70s, ’80s, ’90s) along with music video presentations.
All the rooms have fantastic acoustics and some excellent DJs. It is definitely a New York party experience. Webster Hall New York City

The Webster Hall was built in 1886 and in its nascent years was famous for costume/masquerade balls. In the 1950s it became R.C.A. Records’ recording venue and was named Webster Hall Studios. In 1990 the hall was taken up by the Ballinger family of Toronto, Canada and converted into the party vortex it is today.

Every month there are concerts and events organized here. Thursdays, it’s generally “Girls night out” – free admission for women. 
Its one hell of a techno ride out there. Yep- if you are a dance floor maniac and wanna  more than tap to music, this is the place. It reminded me of Studio 54 at MGM in Las Vegas (of course that looked much smaller than this).
The various rooms of the Hall are available for corporate and private hire.

Webster Hall Address: 125 East, 11th Street, New York
Phone: 212-353-1600

Official site