The clothing retailer from Spain, this store has apparel for men and women. They have their own designs and cater to every trend and fad. They come up with new designs more times every year – rather more than other similar stores. The clothes are reasonably priced and there’s a huge selection. They have casual, semi formal / career segments for men and women. However choice of varied sizes is rather limited. Don’t seem to cater to real big sizes. The seasonal collections (like spring/summer etc.) are quite refreshing. The quality is good but not great. One good aspect is that there is very high turnover of designs. Almost every four weeks it changes and hence it pays to visit the store more often. Zara coupon codes could be found online. They often have free shipping over certain amount offers running.

Locations of Zara in New York City include-
1) 101 5th Ave.- FLATIRON, NY 10003, Tel: +1 212-741-0555
2) 39 W 34th Street, NY 10001, Tel: +1 212-868-6551
3) 580 Broadway  – SOHO, NY 10012, Tel: +1 2123431725
4) 689 5th Avenue, NY 10022, Tel: +1 2123712555
5) Lexington Ave No. 750, NY 10022, Tel: +1 2127541120

All have men and women sections. The 5th Ave. store also has Kids’ section.

Zara belongs to the Spanish Inditex Group. Zara is a huge success story for the founder Amancio Ortega. He started Zara in 1975 in Spain. The store would have clothes imitating designs of famous brands but at a lower price. However with success and expansion of the chain, the firm now has their own designers. They design, produce and distribute the clothes thus following a vertically integrated model. The mantra is “instant fashion” i.e. responding to the consumer tastes immediately. It seems it takes a new design to reach the stores only about two weeks for Zara compared to over 6 months for the competitors. Most of the production is done in-house in Spain and other European countries with a small percentage out sourced to Asian countries. Zara has stores all over the world from both the Americas to Japan. That would cover Europe, middle east, Asia and Australia.

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