Christmas Spectacular at Radio City – A Review

Rockettes Christmas spectacular – It is advertised as a “Christmas spectacular” and it indeed is spectacular. The first impression is the Hall – it’s beautiful. One cannot but admire its grandeur and elegance – from foyer to stage. The holiday decoration is gorgeous. It’s all so golden!!
The show starts with good old Santa. At entry we were given 3-D glasses which we use for the aerial journey around big apple with Santa and his reindeer. He then arrives at the Radio City entrance and runs inside on screen – and at the same time we have Santa coming in from the side entrance in the hall making his way through the audience to the stage. Quite interesting. That is the end of the 3-D show. Then it continues with two boys – the 14 year old being skeptical about the existence of Santa and the younger one earnestly believing in Santa Claus. The boys go through various experiences and ultimately get to the huge gift centre of Santa. As Santa tells them “the gift will find you”.
The Nativity scene was wonderful. Wonder how they train the animals to behave on stage! They must have really worked on this one since all of them stood still, in place and without any untoward mishap! The show evoked the spirit of Christmas and one comes out feeling good. Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall
The Rockettes – of course they are beautiful. Their famous steps and precision choreography keeps one glued to seat. The wooden soldiers scene is as engaging as it has been touted to be. The costumes and sets are colorful, creative and detailed. Of course the special affects was fun – especially the snow. We had some frothy stuff raining down from the ceiling – gave the feel of real snow. Then there were rolls of streamers shot at the audience and people would try to gather the colorful playful paper.
It is a whole package – the city, the hall, the show, the Rockettes – really a worthy experience. This show is meant for everyone – and children would love it.

Only one thing was a little hindrance. Wish the seats were progressively more elevated. If a tall person sits in front he effectively blocks quite a bit of the view – then you have to tilt and shift and crane et al! Unless of course you are tall and heavy set – then you would block the view of the person sitting behind you. A little relief is that the seats are alternately arranged for each row vis-à-vis the next row. So, one is not right behind the person in front. This is for the main Orchestra section.

Rockettes christmas spectacular definitely embodies the spirit of the holiday.

Christmas Spectacular Tickets
The tickets range from $40 (3rd Mezzanine) to $90(premium) at non-peak timings and  from $50 (3rd mezzanine) to $250 (premium) at peak timings. Available at Ticketmaster.

The address: Radio City Music hall
1260 Avenue of the Americas (6th Av. & 50th)
New York – 10020

Radio City Music Hall Tickets for events
can be obtained from –

1) Radio City Box Office located at the above mentioned address (Open from 11:30 A.M. to 6 P.M.)
2) (phone (212)307-7171)
3) From Radio City ’s Accessible Services Dept. at (212) 465-6115

How to get to Radio City Music Hall
Best option would be to take the Subway. Depending on from where you are taking the Subway, the Hall is walking distance from the following stations –
1) 47th-50th St. Rockefeller Station – Trains B,D,F,V.
2) 49TH ST. – Trains N,R,W.
3) 50TH ST. – Train 1.
4) 5th Ave. 53rd St. – Trains E,V. (A little longer walk from here)
For details there is a very convenient TRIP PLANNER on the official MTA site. The Rockettes at Radio City, New York

Radio City Music Hall seating chart given below (click to enlarge)-

Radio City Music Hall Seating Chart