Radio City Music Hall – New York

Though it was a period of gloom after the 1929 stock market crash, John D. Rockefeller decided to turn the “Speakeasy belt” in midtown Manhattan (on which he held the lease), into a complex of buildings which had superlative design and facilities. He partnered with Radio Corporation of America, a young media company and S.L. Rothafel (Roxy) who was a theatrical genius. The first completed project within the complex was called Radio City. It was essentially meant as a “Palace” for the public where everybody could go for high-quality shows at affordable rates. The interiors were beautifully and tastefully done by Donald Deskey.

The Radio City Music Hall has held numerous movies, shows, concerts and other events. The Hall itself is huge – known to be the largest (more…)

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Times Square, Manhattan, New York City

One of the most visited spots of the world, Times Square in Manhattan, New York city, is a major intersection in Midtown Manhattan (at Broadway and 7th Ave). It consists of the blocks between 6th Ave. and 8th Ave from East to West and west 40th to West 53rd from south to north. According to Forbes, more than 35 million tourists visit Times Square annually.
It was originally called the Longacre Square and later renamed (more…)

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