Getting around in Austria – Transport options

Commuting within Austria and Vienna in particular is very convenient given the incredible network of rail, road, underground / metro, tram and buses available here for commuters. So if you are visiting here and opt not to hire a car – it’s going to be perfectly fine. 


The U-Bahn or Untergrundbahn is the underground rail system in 

Innsbruck, Austria
Innsbruck, Austria

    Austria (and also Germany) a.k.a the Metro or Underground or Subway. The Austrian symbol of the U-Bahn is a white “U” on a round blue background.
In Austria, the U-Bahn services Vienna. Here it is…READ MORE.


The S-Bahn (or Schnellbahn) is a system of urban and suburban railway network with fast electric trains with short stops. In Austria there are S-Bahns in Vienna and Salzburg. The Salzburg S-Bahn is…READ MORE.

Austria Buses

Austria has an excellent rail network. But the Alpine villages and other hard to get places are serviced by buses. The bus service complements the rail services. The bus service run by OBB (Austrian Federal Railways) was…READ MORE.


Vienna has an excellent network of trams/streetcars. These are frequent and the stops (Haltestelle) give all details including the schedule and maps. The cities of Innsbruck, Graz & Linz also have a good network of streetcars/trams.


Driving in Austria is a great experience – especially the autobahns…READ MORE.