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Updated on 26 Nov 2022

Though it was a period of gloom after the 1929 stock market crash, John D. Rockefeller decided to turn the “Speakeasy belt” in midtown Manhattan (on which he held the lease), into a complex of buildings which had superlative design and facilities. He partnered with Radio Corporation of America, a young media company and S.L. Rothafel (Roxy) who was a theatrical genius. The first completed project within the complex was called Radio City. It was essentially meant as a “Palace” for the public where everybody could go for high-quality shows at affordable rates. The interiors were beautifully and tastefully done by Donald Deskey.

The Radio City Music Hall has held numerous movies, shows, concerts and other events. The Hall itself is huge – known to be the largest

 indoor theatre in the world. It also has the largest stage curtain!Radio City Music Hall The shows are equally grandiose and large scale. Though it is so huge, the construction is such that there are no columns inside to obstruct views and it has three shallow mezzanines which does not loom over the rear orchestra section below. It is one of the best equipped stage built with special effects like rain, fog, clouds, snow etc. being made possible by the original mechanisms even today. The sound of the “Mighty Wurlitzer” organ  is awe inspiring. This organ was built especially for the theatre and is housed in eleven rooms. The sound affects are wonderful.

The most famous of the shows is the Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes. The Rockettes is a precision dance company based at Radio City. They have been performing here every Christmas season since 1932. Though the group was started by Russell Markert in 1925, it was “Roxy” Rothafel who brought them to New York. They were initially known as The Roxyettes and performed at Rothafel’s Roxy Theatre. They were moved to the Music Hall in December 1932 and there has been no looking back.

The address
: Radio City Music hall
                           1260 Avenue of the Americas (6th Av. & 50th)
                            New York – 10020

How to get to Radio City Music Hall
Best option would be to take the Subway. Depending on from where you are taking the Subway, the Hall is walking distance from the following stations –

1) 47th-50th St. Rockefeller Station – Trains B,D,F,V.
2) 49TH ST. – Trains N,R,W.
3) 50TH ST. – Train 1.
4) 5th Ave. 53rd St. – Trains E,V. (A little longer walk from here)

For details there is a very convenient TRIP PLANNER on the official MTA site.

Radio City Music Hall Tickets for events can be obtained from –

1) Radio City Box Office located at the above mentioned address (Open from 11:30 A.M. to 6 P.M.)
2) (phone (212)307-7171)

Radio City Music Hall Seating Chart
(Orchestra and three levels of mezzanine)-
Click to enlarge.

Radio City Music Hall Seating Chart (Orchestra and three levels of mezzanine)

5 Things to Know About Radio City Music Hall NYC

Located in New York City, the Radio City Music Hall is a very famous place for big events such as concerts and shows. Although the place is known for its big events, there are some ups and downs to this place as well.

Opening in 1932

During the Great Depression, Radio City Music Hall opened in New York City. The theater was designed in an art deco style. It was the largest indoor theater in the world when it opened in 1932.

Radio City Music Hall became a symbol of New York’s dedication to live performances. It is known for hosting hundreds of productions every year. Its interior design has been recognized as one of the best in the world. It is located in Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, and is a favorite destination for visitors to the city. It is also home to the famous Rockettes.

Radio City Music Hall was designed in an art deco style, featuring geometric ornamentation and aluminum and glass materials. It was named after the Radio Corporation of America, which partnered with John D. Rockefeller to construct the building.

Ups and downs

Located in the heart of Manhattan, the Radio City Music Hall is a great place to watch a show or two. It is easily accessible by subway and there are plenty of paid parking lots located near the venue. It’s also home to the Rockettes, a precision dance company that has been entertaining audiences since 1932. The Christmas Spectacular is a seasonal production featuring the Rockettes, 140 performers and an original musical score. Currently, the show is being performed from November 9, 2021 through January 2, 2022.

While the Rockettes may be the show’s main attraction, Radio City Music Hall is home to other performers. For instance, the New York Philharmonic performs free classical music in all five boroughs. In addition to the classical music, the New York Philharmonic also performs fireworks with music.

Famous for big events

Located in New York City’s Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall is one of the city’s most famous and recognizable theaters. It has been the site of several legendary concerts and media events. It has also hosted numerous award shows, such as the Grammy Awards and the Tony Awards.

Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular: The hall is one of the largest indoor theaters in the world. It is the home of the Rockettes, a precision dance company that has performed in the theater for almost 100 years.

Radio City Music Hall has also hosted numerous special events, including the NFL Draft. The theater is the site of several graduation ceremonies for NYU and Barnard College. There is also an annual Tony Awards show and the Daytime Emmy Awards.

The stage of Radio City Music Hall is as long as a New York street block and features state-of-the-art LED technology. It also has a built-in hydraulic system.

State-of-the-art stage

Located in New York City’s historic Rockefeller Center, the Radio City Music Hall is an iconic landmark that has been a center for live entertainment for almost a century. It is also the home of the New York City Rockettes, a precision dance company. With a history that dates back to the 1930s, the Rockettes are a must-see attraction for visitors to New York City.

Radio City Music Hall is located at 1260 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. It is one of the largest indoor theaters in the world. Originally, it was a movie theater. It had a large Projection Booth on the top Mezzanine, which housed four 35mm projectors. In 1970, a fifth projector was added. The original hydraulic system is still used today.

Alcohol sales

Located in New York City, the Radio City Music Hall is one of the most famous and iconic structures in the city. This world class venue offers classics, acrobatic shows, comedy, and temporary performances. The venue has a number of concession stands for guests to choose from. The lines can get quite long during special events like the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular.

The alcohol sales at Radio City Music Hall have been known to be more expensive than you would expect. They are also limited to two drinks per customer per transaction. The staff at the venue may require you to show a valid ticket before allowing you to purchase alcoholic beverages.

The staff at the venue has also been trained in a number of different technologies aimed at improving the experience of their guests. In particular, the venue has implemented a program known as the “Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management Training.”

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