Trafalgar Square, London

Trafalgar Square – This square is considered a centre of democracy where the public can hold rallies and demonstrations at weekends on various political, religious and general issues. It is a centrally located open space with historic importance where people can just spend time or participated in the various events that take place here throughout the year.
The area which covers the Square today was originally the courtyard of the Great Mews Stabling of Whitehall Palace. In the early 18th century the Mews were put out of use by (more…)

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Hyde Park – London

Hyde Park – This is a 350 acre park in Central London. One can easily reach there through the London Underground – at the Hyde Park Corner station on the Piccadilly line between Knightsbridge  and Green Park.  In the 16th century this area was a deer park and used for hunts. Henry VII had acquired this land in 1536. It was for Private use until James I gave limited access to the gentlefolk and later in 1637 Charles I opened it to the public. The Park is divided into two by the Serpentine Lake built in 1733 and designed by Charles Bridgeman. The memorial to Princess Diana is also in this park. It’s timings are (more…)

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New Terminal at Heathrow Airport (T5), London

With the opening of the new terminal at Heathrow, the airport will be able handle almost 45% more passengers. This could not have come sooner, when air traffic, especially the long distance inter-continental ones, has increased greatly in the past few years and the pressure on this international hub was starting to show. (more…)

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