ATL Atlanta Airport – Parking Rates, Long Term, Economy, Park Ride, Park n Fly

Parking at Atlanta Airport (ATL) –

Parking facilities available at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport  include –

Hourly parking (Short-term parking) at Atlanta Airport (ATL)

Conveniently located in front of each atlanta airport atl parking terminal, these are meant for people meeting passengers who need to park for a short duration. These are the closest to the terminals. There is one located in front of the North terminal and another in front of the South terminal.

Hourly Parking Rate at Atlanta Airport (ATL)-
$1 per hour (first 2 hours)
$2 per hour (next 4 hours hrs)
$28 per day (after 6 hours)
$28 per day (each additional day)

Daily Parking at Atlanta Airport (ATL) –

This provides covered deck parking (except the fourth level) for the vehicles and are well located directly opposite each terminal.

Daily Parking rates  at Atlanta Airport (ATL)

$2 per hour
$14 per day

Economy Parking at Atlanta Airport (ATL) –

Located adjacent to the parking decks, these are meant for long term parking and of course is the most economic as the name suggests. There is one for each terminal – in the North and South. They are accessible through the Airport Access Roads for each terminal. Another one is the West Economy parking located to the west of the terminals and serves both the terminals.
At these Economy Parking lots there is a free shuttle service available for people who do not prefer to walk. Known as the Economy Lots Courtesy Shuttle Cart Service, it is available from 8 AM to midnight.

Economy Parking rates at Atlanta Airport (ATL) –

$2 per hour
$10 per day
Airport Park-Ride at Atlanta Airport (ATL) –

This is a convenient option for passengers wanting to park their vehicle and take a flight. There is a free shuttle service available from the passenger’s vehicle to the terminal of choice. Upon return, the passenger can take the shuttle van from the ground transportation center to return to their vehicle. There are three park-ride lots – Park-ride lot A, perk-ride lot B and park-ride lot C. They are located towards the south-west of the terminals.

Park-Ride rates at Atlanta Airport (ATL) –

$2 per hour
$9 per day

Gold Reserve parking at Atlanta Airport (ATL) –

Located just next to the North and South terminals, each of the Gold Reserve parking lots are situated on the ground level of the parking decks. These are covered. There are private entrances and exits equipped with intercom. Because these are reserved parking, Gold parkers are assured of a space and do not need  to wait in line.

Gold parking rates / Fees at Atlanta Airport (ATL)

$3 first hour
$1 each additional hour up to $24 per day

Silver Reserve parking Lot is located adjacent to the South Terminal Parkway. It is meant for passengers who are members of the Silver Reserve Club.

Courtesy Assistance Services provides a number of courtesy services such as jump-starts, flat tire repair and vehicle locates.

Off-Site Parking at Atlanta Airport (ATL) –

Apart from the Airport parking at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, there are companies which provide off-site parking for the passengers. Courtesy shuttle from the airport to these off-site parking facilities are available. The pick-up and drop-off takes place on the Orange Bus Isle. The companies providing off-site parking at Atlanta airport include –

Pre-Flight Airport Parking:  (404) 767-8000 
The Parking Spot 1:  (404) 761-3300 
Park ‘N Fly Atlanta:  (404) 763-3185 
Park ‘N Fly Plus : (404) 761-0364 
Park ‘N Go:  (404) 669-9300 
Park ‘N Ticket : (404) 669-3800 
The Parking Spot 2:  (404) 761-7711 
POA dba Prestige Parking:  (404) 559-4475 
Wally Park: (404) 763-9990

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