Shopping in Piccadilly, London – An Introduction

Piccadilly in London is a must go for any shopping zealot. It is a place where one can hang around and spend the day window shopping, actually shopping, snack and eat up and maybe have a dance in the evenings. The stretch of Piccadilly from the corner of Regent St. to Green Park offers much for a visitor. There are number of shopping arcades too here. Some of the most exclusive items in the world are available here. Another excellent stretch dotted with some of the most well known retailers is the Old Bond St. and New Bond St. Old Bond St. runs towards the right from Piccadilly (when facing towards Green Park) just before St. James’s St. Of course, one cannot miss it in any way.

For convenience sake, street wise segments have been made here. It would be easier if referred to the maps given below. The map is not to scale. It merely shows which store comes after which one, in the area. The map on the right is a continuation of the map on the left. Please click on the maps to enlarge.

Map of store locations in Piccadilly, London

                                           Map of store locations in Piccadilly, London

The segments are –
Between Regent St. (Piccadilly Circus) and Church Place
Between Church Place and Duke St. St James’s
Between Duke St. St James’s and St. James’s St.
Between St. James’s St. and Arlington St.
Between Regent St. (Piccadilly Circus) to Sackville St.
Between Sackville St. and Old Bond St.
Between Old Bond St. to Stratton St.

All these are streets running from Piccadilly as one moves along the street from Regent St. towards Green Park.

How to get to Piccadilly –
Tube (subway) – Piccadilly Circus and Green Park
Buses – 8,9,14,19,22,38.

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