LaGuardia Airport (LGA) – Parking, Terminals and Hotels – New York

Another of the airports operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, LaGuardia Airport is located on the waterfront of Flushing Bay in Queens County in New York City. It is the smallest of the trio of primary commercial airports in the New York Metropolitan area. It is conveniently located very close to Manhattan compared to the other two – JFK and Newark.
Most flights from LaGuardia go to destinations within US, Canada, the Bahamas and also Aruba. Though the airport has INS/FIS facilities enabling it to process customs and immigration on arriving flights, it is not sufficient to handle the high number of passengers from non-precleared scheduled airline services.

LaGuradia Airport Tower
LaGuradia Airport Tower

LaGuardia Airport Information No.:  1– 718-533-3400

In LaGuardia the Central Terminal Building (CTB) houses much of the domestic flights. It has four concourses – A, B, C and D.
Concourse A in LaGuardia handles Air Canada, Continental, Continental Express and JetBlue.
Concourse B in La Guardia handles AirTran, Frontier, Midwest, JetBlue and Spirit.
Concourse C in LaGuardia handles American Eagle, United and United Express
Concourse D handles American.

The other terminals at LaGuardia are Delta Terminal, US Air Terminal and the Marine Terminal. Delta Terminal handles flights of Delta, Northwest and Comair. Flights handles by US Air terminal at LaGuardia are US Airways and Colgan.

Airport services offered at the Central Terminal Building (CTB), LaGuardia include the usual ATMs, Currency Exchange and also a Medical office and Dental Office.

Parking at LaGuardia Airport:

Parking garages/ Lots are located at all terminals. Parking lots 1 and 2 are adjacent to the CTB, Parking lot 4 is next to the US Air terminal while Parking lot 5 is next to the Delta Terminal.

Parking costs at LaGuardia Airport-
For parking lots 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7. (Daily Parking at LaGuardia)
For the firs hour or part – $3
For up to 1 hour – $6
For each hour or part thereof – $3
For each 24 hour period it’s a max of $30.

In the Daily parking lots no long term reduced rates are offered. It can be used for up to 30 days for parking at the daily rate.

LaGuardia Airport Terminals map
LaGuardia Airport Terminals map

Parking Lot 3 at LaGuardia is the only one with Long-term reduced parking rate. Long term parking costs are $30 per day for the first two 24 hour periods. For over 48 hours it is $% for each 8 hour period or part thereafter.

For Parking Information at LaGuardia – Phone nos. – (718) 533-3850 (parking operator) or LGA Airport Information at 718-533-3400.
Hotels near LaGuardia Airport –

Ramada Plaza Hotel – LaGuardia Airport
(718) 651-2100
(800) 272-6232
fax – (718) 651-2222

Courtyard LaGuardia
Phone: 718-446-4800
Fax: 718-446-5733

Garden Hotel LGA
(718) 426-1500

Clarion Hotel
(718) 335-1200

Skyway Motel at LaGuardia
(718) 899-6900

Paris Suites Hotel
(718) 760-2820

Howard Johnson
(718) 461-3888

Crowne Plaza
(718) 457-6300
(800) 692-5429
Fax: (718) 899-9768

LaGuardia Airport Hotel
(718) 426-1500

Sheraton LaGuardia East
(718) 460-6666
Fax: (718) 445-2655

Eden Park Hotel
(718) 699-4500

Lexington Marco La Guardia Hotel (previously Wingate Inn & Suites at LaGuardia Airport)
(718) 445-3300

LaGuardia Marriott
(718) 565-8900
Fax: 718-898-4955

Airway Motor Inn
(718) 565-5100